Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

First things first. How often do you entertain guests? Is outdoor living important to you? Do you foresee the need for an in-law suite? In short – Who are you and what is important to you about your living spaces? The first step in our process is to answer the big questions about how your home should reflect your lifestyle. Our new home consultants will help you narrow in on the perfect floorplan and exterior architectural style to suit your unique wants and needs.

What’s Next Meeting & Plan Review

By this point we have the broadstrokes of your design, now we’ll talk details. We’ll go over everything from summer kitchens to energy efficiency to locating electrical outlets. Our goal is to communicate the possibilities and then we’ll work together with you to decide what makes sense.

Interior Design Consultations

This is the phase where all of the magazine clippings, Houzz bookmarks and fabric swatches you’ve collected begin to form a distinctive, coherent design. Our interior designers will assist you in choosing color schemes, lighting, plumbing fixtures, countertops, flooring and cabinet selections. Our goal is to create beautiful spaces, but we’ll also discuss the practical, such as kitchen storage and closet solutions.

Pre-Construction Meeting

Your plans are drawn and we’ve been issued a permit. Design is important. Equally so are accuracy, efficiency and timely construction. Making sure things are done right the first time is just one of the ways we are able to pass along value and savings to our clients. At this meeting, you and your designated builder will check and recheck your plans and specifications to make sure everything’s in place.

Pre-Drywall Meeting

Six to eight weeks later your home is framed, the electrical is run and it’s time for your first tangible experience in your new home. While there may be an opportunity for tweaks to the design at this phase, this is primarily a chance to ask questions about the progress, be educated on the “bones” of your new home and just have fun walking around the jobsite.

Customer Orientation Walk

It’s almost here! Generally a week before your closing date, we like to spend an hour or so with you walking through your home. We’ll talk you through systems like HVAC, irrigation, appliances, etc. This is also your opportunity to walk the home with your builder and make sure everything is finished and meets with your approval.

Final Walk & Closing

The day of your closing, we’ll take you through your home to assure you that all the last minute details are accounted for and that your home is sparkling clean. Our closing team will have been working with you for weeks by this point to make sure everything goes smoothly at the closing table.

30-Day Review & Walk

Now that you’ve been in your home a full month, we like to just make sure you’re settling in as planned. If during the course of moving your paint or drywall took some abuse, we’re happy to help set things right.

11-Month Review & Walk

Like everything built inFlorida, your home will experience a settling process over the first year. This can sometimes result in minor cosmetic defects. Before the end of your first year, we’ll come and inspect the finish of your home and address any settling related issues.