Overall results are the best we ever see and the trend graph says it all. The highest ratings possible across the board in organization, concern for customers, communication, teamwork, follow-through, confidence, satisfaction with the homes, and willingness to refer. These customers simply could not be happier, more appreciative, or more excited to refer CornerStone Homes to friends!

~ Keith O'BrienPartner of Woodland, O'Brien & Scott, an international research and survey firm consulting major homebuilding companies and developers world-wide.

We are so thankful for the opportunity we had in building our new home with you! This was the first time building a new home and my wife and I were very happy with your guidance. The whole process was an amazing experience!

~ David and Melisa Cameron

Your staff made this a positive experience for us. They did a great job for CornerStone.

~ Mrs. Jordan

Very professional and accommodating on all issues. Will definitely recommend.

~ Ms. Williams

This has been an extremely positive experience for us. We have thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with the entire CornerStone staff. Thank you VERY MUCH – we know we will love our new home.

~ Mrs. Manocchia

This has been an awesome experience.

~ Ms. Mitchell

Wonderful experience with CornerStone.

~ Ms. Corning

Overall experience was very easy and satisfactory.

~ Ms. Vassak

I would highly recommend CornerStone to anyone. The complete process was smooth. When and if something came along, it was handled quickly, professionally, and smoothly.

~ Mr. Sutorus

Thank you so much for all of your time and energy in helping us build the perfect home for our family. You have been such a pleasure to work with from day-1!

~ Mr. and Mrs. Richardson

Being a first-time home buyer, I relied on family and friends as to what to expect during the process. With few exceptions the CornerStone team exceeded my expectations. I am very pleased with the house. You guys / girls worked with me, answered my questions and helped me through the process. You helped get me in a home even after the {Mortgage} Program died. You did something that you were not required to do after we started the process. I am impressed with CornerStone and would absolutely recommend you to others.

~ Mr. Harrell

Thank you so much… God bless.

~ The Kenneys

You were very professional and quick to respond with everything. I really appreciate that. I look forward to working with you again in the future

Naomi Wilkinson - ReMax Unlimited

The CornerStone Homes team was just exceptional! They provide excellent customer service and the house we bought was in superb condition. Overall, the experience of buying this house was most pleasant.

~ Roger J. McAughan

We are extremely pleased with the customer service provided by [CornerStone Homes]. They went above and beyond being helpful. We highly recommend CornerStone to all our friends and family. [Your team] was constantly in contact with us, which helped alleviate a lot of stress and concern.

~ Colleen McAughan


~ Victoria Walker

Everyone was great!

James Wiggins

I would highly recommend CornerStone Homes to anyone. The complete process was smooth. When and if something came along, it was handled quickly, professionally and smoothly. This has been a wonderful experience!

~ Joseph and Marsha Sutorus

Thank you for excellent service.

~ Robert Rusin

Everyone on the CornerStone Team was awesome. So smart, nice and accommodating. Very on top of their game. It was a pleasure. Thanks.

~ Teresia Buxton

This has been a great experience working with everyone at CornerStone. Thank you for building our home.

~ Randall Wonsock

It was great dealing with the CornerStone Team. I have recommended CornerStone to numerous friends. I want to say thank you to everyone…Very professional builder, great to deal with.

~ Scott & Tracey Hennessey

CornerStone was a great company with outstanding customer service.

~ Martin Smith

This was a very pleasant experience…I would recommend CornerStone to anybody who asks!

~ Christine & Christopher Pickett

I heard horror stories about new construction and have to say I did not experience any of those things. You were very diligent about calling me and following up to make sure I didn’t have any problems or concerns.

~ Leslie Radenhausen

Excellent service with the entire team. Would highly recommend CornerStone to family and friends.

~ Krista Verdi

Your availability to answer questions and knowledge of the process made me feel at ease and was very reassuring. I will not hastate to refer someone to you in the future.

Steve Bush

Our experience was incredible. We enjoyed every aspect of building this home! We would do it again. Thank you for all the personal attention!!!

~ Philomena M

I just wanted to say thank you for always making me feel [as if] I am your only customer! I know how busy we can get at times. I do appreciate your customer service.

~ Sandy Miller

I am always happy when my buyer decides they want a CornerStone home because I know the results will be a win for everyone.

~ Wendy Griffis Realtor

CornerStone Homes’ experienced and professional personnel allowed our home to close on time, and even exceeded our expectations.

~ The Stoeber Family

We are very proud to tell everyone who our builder is and will recommend CornerStone to anyone we know who is looking to build a new home. From the buying experience, to the service after the sale, you and your team have done an outstanding job!

JD and Judy Dunnigan

I have remodeled two homes in the past 12 months, not including building one with you. I have not had ONE contractor, supplier, vendor, or tradesman that has come close to meeting my expectations that way your team has done!

~ Joe Knotts

I would like to thank all the people who work for CornerStone for the great job they did. Thanks again, Cliff and Mark, for building us a beautiful home.

~ Donald Brown and Allen Patterson

I have worked with many different builders in Jacksonville and it is rare for customers to be so happy with the building process. I believe customers get a lot for their money with CornerStone Homes, especially when comparing features offered to other builders at the same price.

~ Suzanne Sanders - Joyner Realtor

The qualities of the finished product, the efficiency of the building process and attention to detail have been quite impressive.

~ Sandra N. Larison

The process is moving very smooth. The progress on home is astounding.

~ Joseph Keel

One of the best experiences of our lives. Excellent communication.

~ Paula Fuller

Great team! Always helpful when asked questions. Support not only there, but you “feel it.

~ Kate Ray

Everything has gone much better than I ever imagined that it would. CornerStone Homes has exceeded any and all of my expectations.

~ Michael Sharkey

Your builders are all very knowledgeable and obviously know what they are doing! Thank you ALL!

~ Leigh Norton

An absolute perfect experience – we would recommend this to anyone! We came to rely and greatly trust your team. They have been true partners.

~ David Costar

Thank you for exceeding my expectation! This has been enjoyable!

~ Hugh Littlefield

Great experience, all employees were great and extremely helpful. Thank you!

~ John Alves

I am so very pleased with this entire project. Everyone has been so very cooperative. Thanks so much.

~ Anna Rucker

We were so excited to own our CornerStone home that we couldn’t wait to move in. Right after our closing, we bought an air mattress, and spent our first night in our new home without any furniture! Everything went so smoothly and the CornerStone team was wonderful.

~ Len & Penny Evancic

The experience has been awesome. The quote was given that CornerStone wanted to “exceed our expectations”. This was certainly true from beginning to end. All have been professional, courteous, and caring. We would recommend CornerStone to anyone.

~ Julia Pratt

The best process I’ve been through with a builder on the entire east coast!

~ Stephen Bird

We have been extremely happy with the entire process. We found that our sales reps and builder answered questions and fixed problems promptly and effectively. Great job by the whole team!

~ Pamela Leich

I’ve had a very pleasant experience with CornerStone. This is the least stressful experience I’ve encountered on a home purchase. Thank you.

~ Julie Bryant

Excellent service and experience! I highly recommend to future customers.

~ Carl Binder

Can’t say enough wonderful things. I can’t wait to enjoy all the beautiful things in our new home. Many thanks.

~ Joanne Binder

We are thrilled with our new home. We will recommend to anyone!

~ Jeannie Rissman

We are very happy with everyone we have dealt with. Thank you. We truly want your addresses so we can send Christmas cards!

~ Lyle Layher

Everyone has been very helpful and friendly! Joe’s updates were nice and the pictures of the house during construction were helpful since we weren’t local. All phone calls were returned quickly.

~ Karen Wray

The whole CornerStone team was and is outstanding. We could not have picked a better builder. Everyone was super and we will recommend to everyone. Thanks for everything and we will enjoy a wonderful time in the CornerStone home.

~ Brenda Hoffman

Great experience! We appreciate the communication and customer service you all have given us. Thank you!

~ Christine Norton

I have been completely satisfied with the entire CornerStone experience from the top down. All of the staff, builders, administration, etc. have exceeded my expectations. I recommend CornerStone to all of my friends and family without reservation!

~ Christopher Norton

Easiest home buying experience we have had!

~ James Ritter

Mike was awesome, called weekly, kept me up to date and instilled confidence that our home was being built with very high quality. The house looks great, and we would recommend CornerStone without hesitation.

~ Barry Kirk

You guys were wonderful. I could not have been more pleased. My home is Great! The quality is UNMATCHABLE! Thank you. Joyce did everything she could to help me, Bobby fixed things that I didn’t even see. Mrs. Tracy Cain kept me very informed throughout the whole process.

~ Kenneth Atwood

Way above what I had expected. Especially with the “bad taste” I had from a previous builder. Everyone was outstanding – very professional and friendly. I never heard the word “no” when we asked for things even if later certain things could not be done. Customer service is top notch. Very enjoyable time in what could have been very stressful.

~ Robert Davis

Everybody was great! It was a wonderful experience. You feel like they really care more about you than a lot number. We felt special! The quality of home was also great! Service, quality, everything was great!

~ Stacy Bunkowsky

We knew this was the home for us. Joyce and Bobby have made this purchase a breeze. Thank you. Tracy was very helpful and nice.

~ Shannon Ritter

Everyone on the CornerStone team was awesome! So smart, nice, and accommodating – very on top of their game. It was a pleasure!

~ Teresia Buxton

This has been a very pleasant experience due to the excellent people we dealt with.

~ Tom Delp

This has been a great experience working with everyone at CornerStone. Thank you for building our home.

~ Randall Wonsock

It was a pleasure working with you! I was very impressed with CornerStone. The home was very well built and showed beautifully! Again, it was a pleasure and I would have to say this was my easiest and best dealing with a builder. Hope to do business with you again! Thanks!

Rhiannon Myers - Watson Realty Corp.