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Joseph Garbrous

My house is nearly 5 years old. I have had no issues with the house. My neighbors who have used other builders have had a litany of problems - cracked floor tiles (not the occasional spider cracks in grout), crooked windows, poor stucco application requiring repair and repainting (on a house less than 3 years old), grudging repair of punch list items, etc. My house weathered Hurricane Irma without a missing roof shingle, without a leak from 18 hours of driving rain.

Construction time was about 7-8 months. I see other builders completing homes in three months. I remember a conversation with the construction supervisor about "minimum" acceptable curing times and longer times that adds to
quality. Time may be money but time is also quality. And this is the understanding I had with Cornerstone from the beginning - a quality product will cost more. And so far it has paid off.

During the designphase I made a number of modifications to an existing design. Some were easy to incorporate. Some would have been difficult. I say "would have" because Cornerstone convinced me that it wouldn't be a good use of my construction budget. They could have easily done what I wanted. I really appreciated their candor. And I know of one instance where they signed up to a modification that had to have exceeded their budget yet they didn't come back for more budget.

Construction included five phase inspections with myself and Cornerstone. We didn't proceed without passing the inspection. I'm not a construction expert but because ofthat I have a good understanding of the house, where the quality is, and what the challenges were. I believe there are no hidden issues.

If and when I sell the house I will require the real estate agent to list as a feature that it is a Cornerstone home and not a lower quality "
xyz" or "abc
" home.

Rocky and Connie McPherson


My wife and I were exceptionally pleased with our entire home building experience with Cornerstone Homes over the last year.  From the first engagement to discuss design options, through the critical interior elements selection, and finally throughout the actual construction processes, the key to our very positive outcome was always the professional interactions and very open frank communications with a variety of terrific people.  The attitude in every engagement was always "how can we help you"!  Whenever there were concerns about almost any topic there was always solid experienced advice provided without in any way attempting to interfere with our personal choices and selections. There are just hundreds of these types of interactions, some on a daily level.  Saying they were helpful is an understatement.  Their positive can-do attitude and very timely responses to inquiries of many types were always extremely useful. 


In any such home construction project there will always be issues, and in some cases even identification of real mistakes by various subcontractors.  In every case we encountered, the problem was quickly verified and timely corrective action initiated.  Simply stated, it was obvious their team wanted to do the job right the first time, and when glitches occurred, Cornerstone Homes always went the extra mile to make it right!  Every Time!


A comment is warranted about their product delivery process, and the one-year follow up to ensure normal evolving superficial touchups are done, and they even went overboard to improve on one element which deserved additional attention. 


The Cornerstone Homes team is dedicated to building a quality home and its people are the key to making what is obviously a challenging and sometimes stress filled endeavor as efficient and positive an experience as possible.  We highly recommend Cornerstone Homes to anyone seeking to build their new home in the NE Florida area.  The many folks on their team are people we recommend as superb builders with high standards, but also they are folks we will value and trust as friends in the future.

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